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Orthodoxy in Australia

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With an irregular status
===With an irregular status===
*[[[ Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Australia - Kyivan Patriarchate]]]: The Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Australia of the Kyivan Patriarchate is an integral part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Kyivan Patriarchate under the protection (omophor) of His Holiness Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine Filaret. It represents parishes and believers who have stayed within the National Mother Church (Pomisna Cerkva) of Ukraine. It also consists of a Parishes under the Greek Exarchate of the Kyivan Patriarchate in Australia. Parishes exist in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide & Brisbane. The Supreme Authority of the Church is the Holy Synod, with its permanent President the Patriarch himself. The Patriarchate has the support of over 30 million faithful in Ukraine. (In comparison The Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine has the support of approximately 5 million faithful in Ukraine) In recent public news polls in Kyiv showed that over 77% of those asked were supporters of The Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kyivan Patriarchate and only 8% aligned themselves with The Moscow Patriarchate. Although this entity is not in full communion with any of the mainstream Orthodox Churches, in April 2018 an official petition of the Ukrainian Government and the Kyiv Patriarchate with the UAOC was forwarded to the Ecumenical Patriarchate which was accepted to be examined with possible Autocephaly to be granted in the near future.
*[[Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand]]: As part of the [[Macedonian Orthodox Church]]. This entity is not in communion with any of the mainstream Orthodox Churches.
*[[Autocephalic Greek Orthodox Church of America and Australia]]: Formed out of a schism with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia with the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia (GOCSA). This entity is not in communion with any of the mainstream Orthodox Churches. The parishes affiliated with the 'Greek Orthodox Communities of South Australia' (GOCSA) are in this church.

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