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Nikolai Alekseevich Poltoratsky

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He is known to have been secretary of the Union of Russian Students from 1933 to 1934 and active member of ACER, the Christian Action of Russian Students, for collaborating with Berdiaev as secretary of his Philosophico-Religious Academy. Forcibly sent to Germany for the STO at the end of 1943, he fled, joined the French resistance against Nazism and was decorated with the Croix de Guerre. He was also an active member of the Union of Soviet Patriots and the Committee of Social Assistance of the Emigrants, "The Russian Aid" (Русская помощь).
At the invitation of the Patriarchate of Moscow, he returned to the USSR in 1948 to collaborate in the reconstitution of spiritual education institutions re-opened at the end of the war, and he was sent to the Orthodox theological seminary of Odessa. He worked there as a professor of comparative theology, the history of the Russian Church, French , and Russian. He combined with this pedagogical activity the work of translating into French the publications of the Moscow Patriarchate.
He reposed on August 31, 1991, and is buried in the cemetery of the Dormition men's monastery in Odessa.

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