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Added that children who have reached "the age of reason" are also baptized. (A Baptist friend complained that his children were all baptized between the ages of 6 and 14).
'''Baptists''' are a variety of Evangelical [[Protestantism]]. Baptists claim 90 million members worldwide, approximately seventy percent of which reside in the United States. It should be noted that Baptist members are those who have reached the "age of reason" and been baptized. Baptists do not count infants and young children as members. The primary theological differences between Baptists and Orthodox Christianity are the autonomy of each individual church, with no supervisory episcopal authority, a rejection of the sacramental nature of all seven Orthodox sacraments ([[Baptism]], [[Chrismation]], [[Confession]], the [[Eucharist]], [[Marriage]], [[Holy Orders]] and [[Unction]] (and indeed, neither Chrismation nor Confession nor Unction are practiced by the Baptists even symbolically), and furthermore by their adherence to the heresy of "Believers Baptism", in which only adults (and children who have reached the "age of reason) are baptized, as a symbol, but in most Baptist conventions, also a prerequisite to partaking of the "Lord's Supper" (the also purely symbolic and non-Sacramental imitation of the Eucharist). These views will be expounded upon in the article.
==Historical origins==

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