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Fr Basilios elected Metropolitan
bishop=Archim. Basilios (Kodseie), ''vacant at July 2017metropolitan-elect''|
hq=Sydney, New South Wales, Australia|
website=[ Antiochian Archdiocese]
The '''Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines''', with headquarters in Sydney, is an [[archdiocese]] of the [[Church of Antioch]].  On 1 July, 2017, its [[primate]] His Eminence [[Paul (Saliba) of Australia and New Zealand|Paul (Saliba)]], [[Metropolitan Archbishop]] of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, reposed. Fr Basil Khodseie After serving as Patriarchal Vicar, [[Archimandrite]] [[Basilios (Kodseie)]] was named by Patriarch John to be the representative elected Metropolitan of Australia, New Zealand and the Patriarch to the ArchdiocesePhilippines.
From ten parishes at his enthronement in late 1999, the total at the end of eight years of Met. Abp Paul's tenure, at the close of 2007, stands at approximately 34 parishes or missions and 1 monastery, including three English-language parishes in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, served by 42 clergymen, including two university [[chaplain]]s in Melbourne and the first Orthodox military chaplain in Australia.
In 2008, a "historic moment in the history of...the Archdiocese" occurred, with the Archdiocese accepting two denominations in the Philippines, including over 30 religious leaders and 32 churches with ~6000 adherents, forming two vicariates in the Philippines (based in Davao and Manila, one for each former denomination). This event was especially marked by a change in the name of the Archdiocese to include 'Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines', with Met. Abp Paul as primate []. Notably, howeverSoon after, the Davao Vicariate would later leave the Antiochian Archdiocese and join for [[ROCOR]] (as [[Western Rite]] parishes ) before leaving the Church altogether. 
<!--==Recent events==-->
The Archdiocese also had one female monastery of [[St. Anna Convent (Preston, Victoria)|St Anna]] in Victoria, co-founded the multi-jurisdictional [[Melbourne Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies]] and runs the [[St. Paul's Theological Course of Studies|St Paul's Theological Course of Studies]]. Many students of theology have been sponsored by the Archdiocese to study at Balamand University, at [[St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Crestwood, New York)|St Vladimir's Seminary]], USA, or through the St Stephen's Course of Studies in Orthodox Theology via the [[Antiochian House of Studies]].
The Antiochian Orthodox Diocese of Australasia (as it was then called) was a founding member of the [[Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Churches in Australia]]. The , and the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Australia and , New Zealand (as it was then called) was a founding member of [[Eastern Hierarchs]], believing it to be an organisation working towards spreading the love of God throughout and the whole mystery of His Church. It Philippines is now a part of the [[Episcopal Assembly of Oceania|Episcopal Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in Oceania]] that first met in 2010 in response to the Chambesy meeting.
* ''See vacantRt. Archimandrite Basil Rev. Archim. Basilios (Kodseie was named ): Patriarchal Vicar on from 1 July 2017''. []; Metropolitan-elect from 4 October 2017[].
**Vicar-General of Archdiocese: Right Reverend [[Archimandrite]] [[Nabil (Kachab)]].
**Dean of Australia: [[Archpriest]] [[George Nasr]].
**[[Deanery of New Zealand (Antiochian)|Dean of New Zealand]]: [[PriestArchpriest]] [[Ian Nield]].
**Vicar of Manila: Archpriest Pascualito Monsato
* Bishop [[Gibran (Ramlawey) of Australia and New Zealand|Gibran (Ramlawey)]], Patriarchal Vicar of Australia and New Zealand, 1969-1999.
* Metropolitan Archbishop [[Paul (Saliba) of Australia and New Zealand|Paul (Saliba)]], 1999-2017.
* Metropolitan-elect, Archimandrite [[Basilios (Kodseie)]], 2017-
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