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Stefan Uros II Milutin

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{{english}}The holy, right-believing King '''Stefan Uroš II Milutin''' (Свети Краљ Стефан II Урош Милутин) ruled Serbia from the year 1282 to 1322. His feast day is celebrated on [[October 30]]/[[November 12]].
Milutin was the son of King Stefan Uroš I, who is remembered as the Venerable Simeon (Стефан Урош I-Блажени Симеон), and Queen Jelena, who is remembered as the Venerable Jelena of Serbia. He is the brother of King Stefan Dragutin, who is remembered as the Venerable Teoktist of Serbia. His son was the [[saint]]ed King Stefan Uros III of Serbia.
Milutin fought many battles , defending his the Orthodox Faith and his people. He fought against Emperor Michael VIII Palaeologus Palaiologos, because Palaeologus Palaiologos accepted the union with Rome and tried to force the Balkan peoples and the [[monk]]s of [[Mount Athos]] to recognize the Pope. He In addition, he fought against Shishman, King of Bulgaria, and Nogai, King of the TartarsTatars, in order to defend his lands. All of his wars were successful, as he constantly prayed to God and trusted in Godin every war. Furthermore, He built more than forty [[church]]es. Besides those of the churches that he built in his own land, including such as Treskavac, Gračanica, St. George in Nagoričino, the Church of the Holy Theotokos in SkopljeSkopje, and Banjska (his memorial foundation), he also built churches outside of his land, in [[Thessalonica]], Sofia, [[Constantinople]], Jerusalem and the Holy Mountain. He entered into rest in reposed to the Lord on [[October 29]], 1320. His body was soon shown to be [[Incorruptibility|incorrupt]] and miracle-workingworks miracles. It reposes even today His relics now lie in the Church of the Holy King in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2007, the [[Holy Synod]]s of [[Church of Serbia|Churches of Serbia]] and the Church of Bulgaria| Bulgaria]] announced that part of his sacred [[relics]] will be translated to the [[Monastery]] of Banjska.
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