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Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

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[[File:40_Martyrs_Cretan_1665.jpg|thumb|left|230px|Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, Cretan icon (Philotheos Scoufos, ca. 1665).]]
According to St. [[Basil the Great|Basil]], forty soldiers who had openly confessed themselves Christians were condemned by the prefect to be exposed naked upon a frozen pond near Sebaste on a bitterly cold night, that they might freeze to death. Among the confessors, one yielded and, leaving his companions, sought the warm baths near the lake which had been prepared for any who might prove inconstant. One of the guards set to keep watch over the martyrs beheld a supernatural brilliancy overshadowing them and at once proclaimed himself a Christian, threw off his garments, and placed himself beside the thirty-nine soldiers of Christ. Thus the number of forty remained complete. At daybreak, the stiffened bodies of the confessors, which still showed signs of life, were burned and the charred bones were cast into a river so that Christians would not gather them up.

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