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False unceasing (self-moving) Jesus prayer: words from hierodeacon Ephraim
Once elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain met a man who got used to the words of the Jesus prayer. But upon talking with this man, elder Paisios realized that he was in delusion thinking very high of himself, e.g. that his every thought comes from God because he constantly prays.<ref>{{Ru icon}}Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain. Spiritual Counsels. Vol. 6. On Prayer. 2013. P. 163</ref>
Elder hierodeacon Ephraim from the Glinsk monastery says that "usually what they take for the grace-filled prayer of the heart is just pronunciation of the words with attention (mind) in the heart and it is a subtle demonic delusion".<ref>{{Ru icon}}[,375:38 Nun Barbara (Pylneva). Glinsk mosaic. Memoirs of archpriest Basil Serebrennikov. Conversation with hierodeacon Ephraim.]</ref>
==Magicism and "automatic" view of prayer==

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