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Aristoklis of Mount Athos

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On December 2, 1884 Aristoklis was ordained a deacon, and on December 12 of the same year - into the priesthood. On February 12, 1886 he was tonsured in great schema without changing the name.
From 1891 to 1894 Aristoklis was the rector of the Moscow metochion of St. Panteleimon Monastery of Mount Athos. For several years Aristoclius Aristoklis was the rector of the Chapel of the Holy Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon. The elder had the gift of healing and prophecy and accepted every day hundreds of people in the need of assistance. The elder handed out numerous donations of the faithful to those who suffer, he paid for the education of children from poor families.
In 1894, after a false denunciation, the elder had to leave Moscow and return to Athos. In 1909, the council of St. Panteleimon Monastery again appointed elder Aristoklis the rector of Moscow metochion.

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