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[[Image:Nativity Theotokos.jpg|100px|The Nativity of the Theotokos]]<br><br>
[[Image:Kursk Root Icon of the Theotokos.jpg|100px|"Kursk-Root" Icon of the Mother of God of the Sign]]
</div>The '''[[Nativity of the Theotokos]]''' (one of the [[Great Feasts]] of the [[Orthodox Church]]); [[Saint]] Serapion, [[monk]] of Spaso-Eleazar [[Monastery]], Pskov (see also [[September 7]]); Saint Lucian, [[Abbot]] of Alexandrov; Saint Arsenius, Abbot of Konevits; [[New-Martyr]] Athanasius of Thessaloniki; New-Martyr Alexander (Jacobson); Martyrs Rufus and Rufianus; Martyrs Severus and Artemidorus; Saint Sophronius of Iberia, Bishop; Saint Ethelburga, [[Abbess]] of Lyminge; [[Icon]]s of the Most Holy [[Theotokos]]: [[Kursk Root icon|"Kursk-Root" Icon of the sign]]; "Pochaev," "Kholmsk," and others; translation of the [[relics]] of Saint Grimald, Abbot of Winchester; repose of [[Daniel Katounakiotis|Elder Daniel of Katounakia]], [[Mount Athos]]
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