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Orthodoxy in Hawaii

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Rebirth of Orthodoxy
(Report by Bishop Tikhon Belavin to the Holy Synod. No. 155 Nov. 26, 1906)''
Following the departure of Fr. Jacob Korchincky to Australia in March of 1916, he was subsequently replaced by Archpriest John Dorosh in 1916that same year, who remained in Hawaii until his departure in the 1920s.
In subsequent years, the Russian Orthodox Church in Hawaii shipped or flew temporary priests to the Hawaiian Islands to care for the dwindling Orthodox population, becoming part of the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]] (ROCOR). A permanent priest was not stationed in Hawaii until [[Archimandrite]] Innokenty Dronov of Hilo, a contemporary of St. [[Jonah of Manchuria]], St. [[John Maximovitch|John of Shanghai and San Francisco]] and Metropolitan [[Meletius (Zaborosky) of Harbin and Manchuria|Meletius of Harbin]], was dispatched and served the entire Orthodox Christian flock on all the Hawaiian Islands throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Fr. Innokentiy had a large following of [[Church of Japan|Japanese Orthodox]] Christians. He frequently returned to the [ Diocese in San Francisco] to report to Archbishops [[Apollinary (Koshevoy) of San Francisco|Apollinary (Koshevoy)]] and [[Tikhon (Troitsky) of San Francisco|Tikhon (Troitsky)]] and for medical reasons. He is now purportedly buried on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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