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Gleb Rahr

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*[ The Death Train to Dachau]
*[ Dachau 1945: The Souls of All are Aflame]
*[ Pascha (Easter) at Dachau] recollections of Gleb Rahr ('''Note:''' Mr. Rahr's account of Pascha at Dachau was written in English by his daughter Xenia in 1998, most likely for the book ''Dachau 29 April 1945: The Rainbow Liberation Memoirs'' by Sam Dann (ISBN 0896723917). This account has been republished in many, many places. However, over the years, even many reputable sites have pieces that have been altered or missing. This snapshot of a Geocities page is probably the originalonline posting, as it was first posted in early 2000, seems to be the most complete, and was published with the knowledge and blessing of Mr. Rahr's daughter Xenia.)
*[ Ein Russe Erzaehlt] A Russian Tells His Story (In German)
*[ The Russian Orthodox Chapel at Dachau]

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