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Gleb Rahr

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==The Chapel at Dachau==
On the initiative of Archbishop [[Longin (Talypin) of Klin]], as Russian forces were completely withdrawn from Germany in 1994-1995, a memorial chapel was built at the former Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, outside of Munich. [[Chapel of the Resurrection (Dachau, Bavaria)|This chapel]], named for the Resurrection of Christ, (and which led to a [[Church of the Resurrection (Munich, Bavaria)|parish of the same name]] - a church Rahr belonged to for years - being founded in Munich in 1996), was built to remember the Orthodox victims of the Nazi regime, as well as any other regimes of terror. The main icon of the chapel depicts Christ leading the prisoners of Dachau out of the camp through the gates, held open by angels. One of the prisoners depicted wears the prisoner number R64923 - Gleb Rahr's number. Since his death, a small wooden cross, fashioned by Rahr whilst a prisoner, is also housed at this chapel.

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