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David (Pierce)

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Septemper 29, 2008 Metropolitan Hilarion received Cuthbert Pierce into the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]] with name David. His ordination was regularised and he was assigned to serve the same diocese at the Holy Cross Hermitage in Jacksonville, Florida<ref name=sarisburium></ref>.
Fr. Dom David was blessed by the Metropolitan Hilarion to celebrate services according to the Sarum use of the Roman rite, using the line of liturgical books and materials printed at St. Gregory's Press in New Jersey<ref name=sarisburium/>.
After the repose of Abbot [[Augustine (Whitfield)]], he assumed rectorship of Holyrood Western Rite Skete[[Monastery of the Assumption of Our Lady of Mount Royal (Jacksonville, Florida)]].
He died March 23, 2014.

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