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Chariton (Lukic)

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Fr. Chariton was born as Radoslav on November 21, 1960 in a pious family of Orthodox Christians. His parents' names were Budimir and Milka Lukic. They had 2 sons and 3 daughters. The hieromonk who was baptizing Radoslav, predicted that the child would become a monk, but at that time, nobody noticed those words. The father, Budimir Lukic, was a miner and died in an accident in 1973. The mother died 2 years later when Radoslav was 14 years of age so he had to take care of his grandparents, brother and sisters. In 1980 Radoslav served in army and started to work in electric industry. During this time, Radoslav's character traits were boldness, austerity, fervor of spirit, determination.
Living in the world, The Providence led Radoslav gradually started to forget the Lord. But the providence led him to participation in the war in Crotatia in 1990. The horrors of war and the closeness of death completely soften the grounds of Radoslav's heart so that he turned to became spiritually prepared for the Lord again with greater zealmonastic life. He met Hegumen Elias (Milinkovic) from the monastery of St. John the Baptist near the town of Nish. Fr. Elias became his spiritual father. Radoslav began to fast and pray again, and his zeal especially increased when he visited the Holy Land in 1995. He wanted to stay there in the monastery of St. Savas but Fr. Elias blessed Radoslav to enter the Crna Reka monastery of Rashko-Prizren diocese.
Radoslav became a novice at the Crna Reka monastery located in Ribariće and started to work in different obediences cutting out his will. He avoided jokes and talks with others, was striving to gain patience, humility and love for other people. Besides his monastery duties, he every day visited one poor old woman who lived nearby and helped her, brought her food, chopped wood and heated the house.

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