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Flavian the Confessor

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[[Pope]] [[Leo the Great]], whose legates had been ignored at the council, protested and declared its decisions void.
Soon the many schemings of Chrysaphios came to light, he fell from power, and the emperor's sister [[Pulcheria the Empress|Pulcheria ]] returned to court. The sudden death of Emperor Theodosius on [[July 28]], 450, left Pulcheria in power, along with the her new husband, the emperor [[Marcian]], who became the new emperor. Through her Pulcheria's efforts, the [[relics]] of holy Patriarch Flavian were reverently transferred from Ephesus to Constantinople. The [[Council of Chalcedon]], called in 451, condemned Eutyches, confirmed Pope Leo's Tome and [[glorification|glorified]] Flavian as a [[martyr]].
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