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Birth Control and Contraception

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:1) There are those who hold the view that sex should only be for the purpose of procreation, and so even natural family planning would be prohibited.
:2)There are those who argue that natural family planning is acceptable, because it simply involves abstinence from sex during times when fertility is likely. Such is the opinion expressed by the Church of Greece in her encyclical of October 14, 1937<ref>[ The position of Orthodox and other churches and religions on the subject of childbearing, Basilios G. Phanaras, Comittee for Family of the Church of Greece]</ref>.
:3)There are those who teach that non-abortifacient contraception is acceptable if it is used with the blessing of one's spiritual father, and if it is not used simply to avoid having children for purely selfish reasons. [ The statement on marriage and family from the 10th All-American Council of the Orthodox Church in America] follows along these lines.

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