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Constantine (Farantatos) of New Ionia

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His Eminence '''Constantine (Farantatos) of New Ionia and Philadelphia''' is the [[Metropolitan]] of the [[Metropolis of New Ionia and Philadelphia]] under the [[jurisdiction]] of the [[Church of Greece]]. He has served as the ruling hierarch of the metropolis between 1994 and 2014.
Constantine (Farantatos) was born on Cefallonia, an island of the Ionian Islands. After completing his early education, he studied philology and literature as well as theology in Athens. Entering the [[Holy Orders]], he received the name Constantine and served as [[chancellor]] of the Metropolis of Maronia and New Ionia. In 1994, Father Constantine was elected to the [[episcopate]] and [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] Metropolitan of New Ionia and Philadelphia on [[May 5]], 1994. He resigned from the administration of the metropolis on September 2, 2014. He was succeeded by Metropolitan Gabriel Papanikolaou, formerly Bishop of Diavleia.

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