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Vladimir (Roman) of Classis and St. Julius Island

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'''Vladimir''' (secular name Maurice Roman); {{el icon}} ''Ο Βλαντιμίρ, Επίσκοπος της Ιεράς Πόλεως Κλάσης και του νησιού Αγίου Ιουλίου της Αίγινας'') is the Bishop of Civitas [[w:Classe, ancient port of Ravenna|Classis]]-[[w:Ravenna|Ravenna]] and [[w:Isola San Giulio|St. Julius Island]] of the [[Holy Synod of Milan]]<ref name=MILANSYNOD>[ Arcidiocesi Ortodossa di Milano e di Longobardia: METROPOLIA DI AQUILEIA E DELL'EUROPA OCCIDENTALE – OFFICIAL Website: Holy Synod]. Retrieved: 2013-08-14.</ref>

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