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George the Trophy-bearer

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*[ Wikipedia: Saint George]
*[ Greatmartyr, Victory-bearer and Wonderworker George] ([[OCA]])
*[ index_html April 23: Feast of the Holy Great Martyr George the Trophy-Bearer] ([[GOARCH]])
*[ Saint George] as an emblem of the National Organization of Russian Scouts
*[http://wwwcatholicsaints.catholicinfo/ Saint George] [[Roman Catholic]] Patron Saints Index
==External links==
*[ Dedication of the Church of the Greatmartyr George in Lydia] (OCA)
*[ George the Great Martyr & Triumphant] (GOARCH)*[ Saint George, the Holy and Great Martyr] (''[[Prologue from Ohrid]]'')*[ The Holy Great-martyr George] (''Prologue from Ohrid'')*[ ''Archive of'' "Come and See Icons"] (several icons of St. George)
*[ Life of St. George - Great Martyr and Victory Bearer (PDF)] (in the Aleut language, 1868)
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