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{{Cleanup}}'''Saint Geevarghese Mar Gregorios''' or Parumala Thirumeni of Parumala was an Indian religious leader and later Bishop of the Jacobite Syrian (Syriac Orthodox) Church. He is a [[saint]] of Orthodox Christians in India. Both the rival [[Indian Orthodox Jacobite Syrian Christian Church]] fractions ([[and the dissident group, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church]] and [[Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church]]) in India accept him as their Saint. He is popularly known as '''Parumala Thirumeni''' (Bishop of Parumala). Technically speaking, Mor Gregorios shouldn't actually be a saint in the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church because it was only founded in 1912, whereas Mor Gregorios died as a bishop in the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church in 1902.
== Early life ==

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