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Andrew (Moldovan) of Detroit

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'''Bishop Andrei Moldovan''' (also spelt '''Andrey''', '''André''', '''Andrew'''; July 3, 1885, Apoldul de Sus, Sighisoara, Romania - March 14, 1963, Detroit) was romanian orthodox bishop a Romanian Orthodox Bishop of DeoroitDetroit, primare Primate of the Romanian Archdiocese in America and Canada.
== Biography ==
In 1923, Father Andrei Moldovan (with a group of others) was sent by Metropolitan Nicolae (Balan) to serve in the USA.
In the course of the following years, Father Andrei served in many parishes : in Philadephia, Pennsylvania ; in Warren, Ohio ; Saint Paul, Minnesota ; Gary, Indiana ; and Akron, Ohio.
For some years, Father Andrei served on the Episcopate Council of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (ROEA).
As a consequence, Bishop Andrei (Moldovan) established a distinct and different diocese directly under the Romanian Patriarchate, known as the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America and Canada (ROAA). He also took the title “Bishop of Detroit”. The result was that some of the parishes of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America left the episcopate to join him, although the number was small.
In 1961 he was a delegate of Romanian orthodox church Orthodox Church to I panthe Pan-Orthodox conference in Rhodes.
Bishop Andrei (Moldovan) reposed in the Lord on 14 March, 1963 in Detroit, Michigan. After the services for the Burial of a Hierarch, his body was interred in that city.

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