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Martyrs of China

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Ioann (John) was only eight years old at the time. On [[June 10]], when his father was killed, Boxers slashed his shoulders and chopped off his nose, ears, and toes. His brother Isaiah's bride managed to save him from death by hiding him in a latrine. In the morning he sat at the entrance without clothes and shoes, and when people asked "Are you hurting?" he answered “It doesn't hurt." Boys scoffed at him, calling him a “child of demons." Shortly thereafter, he reposed.
===Ia the Teacher===
Saint Ia, a math and religion teacher at the Orthodox Mission School, was away taken by the Boxers on [[June 11]], and severally slashed and beaten to near death and buried alive. A non-Christian sympathetic to her suffering, picked up her body and took her to his home and nursed her back to health. The Boxers, finding out Ia was still alive, arrested her yet again, and tortured her until her death, the Name of Christ on her lips as she died. St. Ia the Teacher is sometimes referred to as "Saint Ia the Twice-Martyred".
*[[Russian Orthodox Mission in China]]
*[[Church of China]]
*[ Akathist Hymn to the Chinese Martyrs of the Boxer Rebellion]
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