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Peter Zaichenko

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Life in America: internal link
==Life in America==
Peter had prepared himself to become a teacher, but in 1910, he was called to serve in the new North American Diocese. His tonsuring as a monk took place in South Canaan, Pennsylvania, as was his ordination as a Hierodeacon on 26 March 1911. His first parish assignment was in Alaska, and on 29 June 1911, he was ordained as a Hieromonk at [[Cathedral_of_St._Michael_the_Archangel_(Sitka,_Alaska)|St. Michael Cathedral in Sitka]]. His first parish assignment was at [[St._Andrew_Church_(Killisnoo,_Alaska)|St. Andrew Church in Killisnoo, Alaska]]. He also served in Hoonah, Alaska, where they completed a church building during his tenure there. He was transferred back to Sitka to serve as acting district dean late in 1912, but requested a transfer out of Alaska in 1914, citing health concerns.
==Establishing Churches==

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