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Nicholas (Iuhoş)

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'''Nicholas''' (born '''Nicolae IuhosIuhoş'''<ref>read as ''You-Hosh''</ref>) was a [[priest]] and [[archimandrite]] in the [[Church of Romania]], [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]] and [[Orthodox Church in America]].
He went into [[schism]] to the [[Holy Orthodox Church in North America]], [[Russian Orthodox Church in Exile#Current status|True Russian Orthodox Church (Damascene)]], and now [[Russian True-Orthodox Church (Vyacheslav)]]. He is RTOC-V [[Bishop]] of Cincinnati and America, and Secretary of their Synod of Bishops.
In 1981 he Complete the Orthodox Institute in Sibiu, Romania.
In 1982 he elevated to the rank of [[archpriest]]<ref name=catherine>[ Archimandrite Nicholas (Yuhosh)] '''(Russian)'''</ref>.
In 1984 during his pilgrimage to [[Jerusalem]] and the [[Holy Land]] he refused to return to homeland. He moved to Germany where he transferred to ROCOR and served in the parishes of the ROCOR German diocese.
In November 1993, passed into jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church in America, where he was elevated to the rank of [[Archimandrite]].
Since 1999 he served as rector of the Church of St. John the Baptist in the city of Passaic, New Jersey<ref></ref>.
At March 19-22, 2001 Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America appointed him as Rector of the [[St. Catherine the Great Martyr Church (Moscow)|Great Martyr Catherine in Moscow]] and the OCA’s Representation Church to the [[Church of Russia]]; effective since June 1<ref></ref>.
After nearly year of service in Moscow had to resign due to health problems<ref></ref> and moved to the United StatesБ.
In 2005 he established [[Holy Cross Monastery (Niagara Falls, New York)|Holy Cross Monastery]] in Niagara Falls, New York, under the Orthodox Church in America<ref name=catherine/>.
In 2009 he left the Church and joined the schismatic Holy Orthodox Church in North America.
* [ Archimandrite Nicholas (Yuhosh)] '''(Russian)'''
* [ Письмо митрополита Дамаскина (Балабанова) епископу Николаю (Юхош)] '''(Russian)'''
* [ РАЗВАЛ РОСПЦ(Д): Бывший епископ РосПЦ(Д) Николай (Юхош) все-таки не вступил в ИПЦ(Р): "от сатаны к диаволу", -- обличив владык РосПЦ(Д) Д.Балабанова, И.Зиновьева в алкоголизме и безблагодатности] Меч и Трость '''(Russian)'''
* [ Николай (Юхош), Епископ Синсиннатский] Иерархия литургических церквей '''(Russian)'''

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