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The '''Proskomedia''' (from the Greek προσκομιδή, “offering”), sometimes referred to as ''prothesis'' (from the Greek πρόϑεσις, "setting forth") or ''proskomide'', is the '''Office of Oblation''' celebrated by the [[priest]] prior to the [[Divine Liturgy]] during which the bread and wine are prepared for the [[Eucharist]]. The Proskomedia is a prerequisite for the Divine Liturgy. The priest conducts the Office of Oblation behind the [[Iconostasis]] at the '''[[Table of oblation]]''' or '''Table of Preparation''' (also '''Prothesis''', or sometime Proskomide) that is located to the left of the [[Altar]] Table. Proskomedia, when translated to English, means "preparation."
[[Image:Proscomidiar.jpg|left|thumb|200px|The Proscomidiar]]

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