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Vladimir (Roman) of Classis and St. Julius Island

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In Sunday september 2, 2013 (old style), Vladyka Vladimir was promoted to the rank of Archbishop of Classis-Ravenna and St. Julius Island.
In November 28th 2013, He was promote as Archbishop and Metropolitan of Ravenna and Classis (Prot. 652/2)
[[File:Sangiulio.JPG|right|thumb|Saint Julius Island]]
Vladyka Vladimir was responsible for the Holy Synod of Milan's review of academic books of Eastern Canon Law, Byzantine History and is the Head of the DEPARTMENT FOR EXTERNAL CHURCH RELATION of The [[Holy Synod of Milan]].
Lacked the support of the Synod of Milan in promoting the establishment of a Western Exarchate and due to new arrivals in the Synod (bishops who say they have been consecrated from ROCOR in 2001), Metropolitan Volodymir, supported by His Excellency Alessandros di Lidia and His Excellency Anthony of new York, is completely dissociated from the new Sinododi Milan and opens another Synod conforms to the foundation of the Western Exarchate of the Holy Synod of Milan.
Actually, Bishop Volodymir is dialoguing with the True Orthodox Church of Greece.

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