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Jonah (Karpukhin) of Astrakhan and Kamyzyak

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A profile of Metropolitan Jonah of Astrakhan.
His Eminence [[Metropolitan]] '''Jonah (Karpukhin) of Astrakhan and Kamyzyak''' is the ruling [[bishop]] of the [[Metropolia of Astrakhan]], which is one of the constituent [[metropolia|metropolias]] of the [[Russian Orthodox Church]] in southern Russia.

The future Metropolitan Jonah was born Yuriy Alekseyevich Karpukhin on [[June 13]], 1941, in Moscow. After graduating from secondary school in 1959 he entered the Moscow Theological Seminary, studying there for 4 years before moving up to the Moscow Theological Academy, from which he graduated in 1967. Prior to completing his studies at the Academy Yuriy was tonsured a monk at the Sergiev Posad Lavra and ordained a [[deacon]]. In May 1968 [[Hierodeacon]] Jonah was ordained to the [[presbyter|priesthood]], serving in various capacities at the Moscow Theological Academy.

In October 1981 [[Hieromonk]] Jonah was elevated to the rank of [[archimandrite]]. Eleven years later in 1992 the fall session of the [[Holy Synod]] of the Russian Orthodox Church elected Fr. Jonah ruling bishop of the [[Metropolia of Astrakhan|Eparchy of Astrakhan]] as Bishop of Astrakhan and Enotaevka. On [[October 25]], 1992, Bishop-elect Jonah was consecrated to the episcopacy. In February 2002 Bishop Jonah was elevated to the rank of [[archbishop]].

In March 2013 the Holy Synod divided the Astrakhan Eparchy into two, establishing the [[Eparchy of Akhtubinsk]] in the northern districts of the Astrakhan region and reestablishing the Astrakhan Eparchy as a [[metropolia]] with Archbishop Jonah as its metropolitan, amending his title to be 'of Astrakhan and Kamyzyak.'

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