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Coptic Orthodox Church in Australia

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Congregations of the '''[[Church of Alexandria (Coptic)|Coptic Orthodox Church in Australia]]''' are served by two Coptic Orthodox [[Diocese]]s with over 50 [[parish]]es, two Monasteries, two theological Colleges and five schools. The Coptic Church is a member of National Council of Churches in Australia. Currently, the Coptic Orthodox Church has as many 100,000 members in Australia (in Sydney alone it is estimated that there are 70,000 Copts, with numbers in Melbourne in the tens of thousands) <ref>In the year 2003, there was an estimated 70,000 Copts in New South Wales alone: - {{cite hansard | url= | house=Parliament of
NSW - Legislative Council | date= 12 November 2003| page=Page: 4772: - ''Coptic Orthodox Church (NSW) Property Trust Amendment Bill''}}</ref>.
==See also==
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==External links==
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