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Aimilianos (Laloussis) of Harioupolis

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Bishop Aimilianos was born June 14, 1901 in Greece and came to the United States in 1930. He pursued graduate studies at the Episcopal theological [[seminary]] in Philadelphia.
As a [[priest]], he served as [[dean]] of the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Washington, DC, from 1934 to 1960.
Elected [[titular bishop]] of Harioupolis in 1960, he was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] to the episcopacy on [[November 6]], 1960, at St. Sophia's. He oversaw the archdiocesan districts of [[Metropolis of Chicago|Chicago]] and [[Metropolis of Atlanta|Charlotte]], respectively, until his retirement in 1973.
Bishop Aimilianos died in August 28, 1992at 91 years old.  In 1998, the Washington City Council named a park across from St. Sophia's Cathedral in the BishopAimilianos's honor. The park is maintained by the ''Bishop Laloussis Foundation'' of Bethesda, Maryland.
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