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Severus Sabukht

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A profile of St. Severus Sabukht of Qinnashrin.

St. '''Severus Sabukht''' served as a [[bishop]] of the [[Church of Antioch (Syriac)|Syriac Orthodox Church]] in western Syria and is considered one of its fathers. He is commemorated by the Church on [[July 20]].

==Early life==
St. Severus was born in Nisibis towards the end of the 6th century and went on to be a monk at the Monastery of Qinnashrin to the southwest of Aleppo, where he was educated in the Greek, Persian, and Syriac languages and in their literature. He became one of the more prominent graduates of the school in Qinnashrin and spent the rest of his life at the monastery teaching astronomy, mathematics, philosophy, and theology as well as the works of the Fathers. Among his pupils were [[Patriarch]] [[Athanasius II of Antioch]] and St. [[Jacob of Edessa]].

In 638 St. Severus was consecrated Bishop of Qinnashrin and spent the next twenty-nine years as the town's bishop, falling asleep in 667 at an advanced age. Of his many writings on mathematics, philosophy, and theology only a few have survived.

==External link==
*[ Mor Severus Sabukht] (Syriac Orthodox Patriarchal Vicariate of the Western United States)

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