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Epiphanius of Constantinople

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Little is known of the early life of Epiphanius. He appeared in Constantinople as the "syncellus" of Patr. John II, his predecessor. In 519, at the request of the apocrisiarius of Dorotheus, Bishop of [[Thessalonica]], Epiphanius traveled to Macedonia with Patr. John II and Count Licinius to collect documents ("libellos") from those who wanted to normalize their relations with the Orthodox.
After the repose of Patr. John in 520, Epiphanius was elected by emperor Justin I, to succeed him as [[patriarch]] on [[February 25]], 520. After his election, Epiphanius sent to [[Pope]] Hormisdas an announcement of his acceptance of the conditions that established the reconciliation that ended the Acacian Schism. He affirmed his support of the decrees of the Council of Chalcedon, that is the creed and condemnations of those hierarchs whose names had been removed from the [[diptychs]]. To encourage a general peace, Epiphanius noted his reception back of repentant [[bishop]]s who had renounce renounced their errors. To this Pope Hormisdas replied exhorting Epiphanius to persevere in reconciling the [[Monophysitism|monophysites]].
Epiphanius convened a council in Constantinople that condemned Severus of Antioch and Peter of Antioch. He reposed on [[June 5]], 535 after an episcopate of fourteen and a quarter years.

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