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George (Gathuna) of Nitria

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Bishop '''George Arthur Gathuna''' or '''Kaduna''' (Γεώργιος Άρθουρ Γκαντούνα, also known as '''Niphon Kigundu'''; died 1905 - July 16, 1987) was bishop of [[w:Nitria|Nitria]] under [[Church of Alexandria]]
== Biography ==
In the 1930s a spontaneous movement of indigenous Africans towards the Orthodox Church began in Uganda under the leadership of a former Anglican, [[Reuben Spartas]]. In 1946 the fathers Spartas and Obadiah visiting Kenya. On their own autonomous motivation "African Orthodox Church of Kenya" comes into communion with the Patriarchate of Alexandria and the head of this Church Arthur Kaduna was ordained the first Kenyan Orthodox priest named George.
Also in the 1950s, fought, along with many orthodox priests in the movement for independence from colonial Kenya (At the same time, the protestant and catholic priests called the uprising a rebellion of pagans and savages). Kaduna spent 10 years in prison, along with leader of the Kikuyu tribe and country's future president [[w:Jomo Kenyatta|Jomo Kenyatta]].
The Orthodox communities in East Africa that had been founded under his leadership were organized into the Metropolis of Irinoupolis with headquarters in Nairobi in 1958. He was first Bishop of Kenya and the first Kenyan Missionary to the people of Bunyore.

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