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George (Gathuna) of Nitria

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Bishop '''George Arthur Gathuna''' or '''Kaduna''' (Γεώργιος Άρθουρ Γκαντούνα, also known as '''Niphon Kigundu'''; died July 16, 1987) was bishop of Nitria under [[Church of Alexandria]]
== Biography ==
Following his defrocking Bishop George (Gathuna) joined a schismatic group under a bishop in Greece that followed the old calendar (Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Fili - [[Holy Synod in Resistance]]). Several other Orthodox Christians in Kenya followed him.
17th November 1986 he was was reconsecrated as the Bishop of the African Orthodox Church of Kenya, Given the name Niphon Kigundu.
On July 16, 1987, the defrocked Bishop George (Arthur) Gathuna reposed, and his burial was attended by Metropolitan Cyprianos from the Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Greece.
== Sources ==
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