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Paul (Troitsky)

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Fr. Paul wrote in a letter in 1989: "I beg you do not tell anyone about me. I'm not afraid of anyone, but I want to die quietly, without any honors, as millions of people died in the camps without any guilt. I have no grudge against all this terrible life and these people since 1917. Now, as if everyone began to understand past life – everything was destroyed, crushed, shot, killed, and now they are reaping their crop seedlings for 72 years ..."
His last farewell letter was sent on February 16, 1991, later he sent red Easter eggs with a brief welcome wordsPaschal greeting.
Fr. Paul reposed in the beginning of November of 1991. Just as his patron saint, St. [[Paul of Thebes]], he did not allow anyone to know the exact day of his repose and the burial place. His spiritual children commemorate [[October 24]]/November 6 (the day of icon of the Mother of God "[[Mother of God Joy of All Who Sorrow|The Joy of All Who Sorrow]]") as the day of the repose. Agrippina Kutomkina died a year later. It is believed that Fr. Paul lived in a small town of Kuvshinov near Tver according to a stamp on one letter that was sent via regular mail. Some details of his early life were revealed later from the disclosed archives of KGB.

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