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Porphyrios (Bairaktaris) the Kapsokalivite

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Blessed Elder '''Porphyrios (Bairaktaris) the Kapsokalyvite''' (1906-1991) was an Athonite hieromonk known for his gifts of spiritual discernment.
== History Early life ==
He was born [[February 7]] in the little village of St. John Karystia, in the province of Evoia. His parents, Leonidas and Eleni Bairaktaris (daughter of Antonios Lambrou), christened him Evangelos. He was fourth out of five siblings. Only his youngest sister is still alive and is a [[nun]].
He has left behind Elder Damaskinos, his disciple from 1969, who reviews much of the published works about the elder. <ref> This blessed elder has visited Australia, and other countries, on many occasions and has informed christians that much of the published work do not accurately reflect the true sayings and true beliefs of the elder - or have missed the true meaning through translations. He is in the process of writing official commentary to the latest "Wounded by Love", in which it is reported that the Elder had said that some trees where over 15,000 million years old. Elder Damaskinos says this has been a mis-understood comment as Elder Porphyrios did not believe Creation to be more than the official number of years set out by the Orthodox Church. </ref>
== Glorification ==
On 27 November 2013 the Holy Synod of the Constantinopolitan Orthodox Church formally glorified Elder Porphyrius as a saint, establishing 2 December as his feast day.
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