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Russian True Orthodox Church (Raphaelites)

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Now the True Orthodox Church in Russia is in "full communion" with Angelos of Avlona (Greece) and "Metropolitan" John Lobue of New York
'''On 13 October 2011''', the "Metropolitan" Raphael enter in full-communion with Metropolitan John (Lobue) of New York, Head of the [[Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles]] - [[Holy Synod of Milan]] and with Metropolitan Angelos of Avlonos Greek Church - TOC Calendar of the Fathers, not telling the truth. - The truth is that Mr. Leonid selfcalled "Metropolitan" Raphael, has not "episcopate" according to the old calendar of the Orthodox Church. Mr. Leonid received the "episcopate" from Patriarcha [[Dimietrios Dimitrios (Yarema)]] that it has received it from bishops consecrated by the Patriarch Mstyslav and Anthony (Scherba) of Hierapolis of the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA]] - (Patriarchate of Constantinople) (Demetrios was recived as a priest of the Moscow Patriarchate - Both Bishops were enshrined according with the T.O.C. ecclesiology, in the so-called "segianist" line of Metropolitan Dionysius of Poland and have always received by Ecumenical Patriarch Demetrios and Bartholomew of Constantinople, the Holy Myron . In addition to being void the episcopate of Mr. Leonid (according to the ecclesiology old Calendarist ), he has also been deposed and anathematized in 1999 - The Greek Church of the Old Calendar (Angelos) was hopelessly compromised with a group of self-styled bishops, beyond any logic of Orthodoxy.
This line is officializated by Mr. Leonid in his wen site[]

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