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Russian True Orthodox Church (Raphaelites)

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'''On 28 October 2011''', the "Metropolitan" Raphael enter in full-communion with Metropolitan Angelos of Avlonos Greek Church - TOC Calendar of the Fathers, not telling the truth. - The truth is that Mr. Leonid has not "episcopate" according to the old calendar of the Orthodox Church. Mr. Leonid received the "episcopate" from Patriarcha [[Dimietrios (Yarema)]] that it has received it from bishops consecrated by the Patriarch Mstyslav and Anthony (Scherba) of Hierapolis of the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA]] - (Patriarchate of Constantinople) (Demetrios was recived as a priest of the Moscow Patriarchate - Both Bishops were enshrined according with the T.O.C. ecclesiology, in the so-called "segianist" line of Metropolitan Dionysius of Poland and have always received by Ecumenical Patriarch Demetrios and Bartholomew of Constantinople, the Holy Myron . In addition to being void the episcopate of Mr. Leonid (according to the ecclesiology old Calendarist ), he has also been deposed and anathematized in 1999 - The Greek Church of the Old Calendar (Angelos) was hopelessly compromised with a group of self-styled bishops, beyond any logic of Orthodoxy.
This line is officializated by Mr. Leonid in his wen site[]
'''On 30 August 2012''' Bishop Onofrio, former bishop of the Synod of Milan, comes into full communion with the Raphaelit Angelos of Avlonos, automatically excommunicated according to the sacred canons.

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