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Russian True Orthodox Church (Raphaelites)

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Not recognizing his deposition, “metropolitan” Raphael '''Leonid Semenovich Motovilov proclaimed himself Metropolitan with the title of "His Beatitude Metropolitan of Moscow, the keeper of the door of the Holy Sepulchre"'''.
In July 2003, organized a "Unity Council of Bishops of the Genuine Orthodox Church in Russia," which resulted in the unification of marginal non canonical formations in the "Free Russian Orthodox Church". The "Primate" of the new canonical uncanonical religious organizations, was elected "Metropolitan of Moscow" Raphael (Procopius) with the title of "Patriarchal Locum Tenens". His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow in December 2003, clearly said thar this is clear heresy. Here, there is another well-organized and udavshayasya provocation occultists, which plays a significant role Rafailovskaya T.O.C..
In 2005, he changed his title to "Archbishop of Moscow, Metropolitan of All-Russia".

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