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==Saint Abundius==[[Image:Abbondio.jpg|right|frame|St. Abondius]]
'''St. Abondius''' (also '''Abondius''', '''Abundias''', or '''Abbondio'''; early fifth century – 469) was a Bishop of [[Filew:AbbondioComo|Como]], Northern Italy.jpgHis feat day is on [[April 2]].
(also Abondius, Abundias, or Abbondio; early fifth century – 469) was a Bishop of [[w:Como|Como]], Northern Italy.==Life==
He was born at [[Thessalonica]]. Around 448 Abundius became the fourth Bishop of Como, succeeding [[w:Amantius of Como|ComoAmantius]], succeeding Amantius.[3] He was present at the Council of [[Constantinople]] in 450, and took an active part against the [[Eutychian heresyHeresy]] at [[Chalcedon ]] (451), where he was the representative of Pope [[Leo the Great|Pope Leo the Great]]. In 452 he also took part in the '''Council of Milan''', convened to refute the same heresy. Abundius is one of those to whom the authorship of the [[Te Deum ]] is occasionally attributed.
The Romanesque church Church of Sant'Abbondio at Como, consecrated in 1095 by Pope Urban II, is dedicated to him, and his [[relics]] are conserved beneath its principal [[altar]].[4]
Feast==See Also==[[w: '''2 april'''Abundius|Abundius]] on Wikipedia

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