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St. Vladimir’s Memorial Church (Jackson, New Jersey)

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The interior of the church was frescoed by the well-known iconographer Archimandrite [[Cyprian (Pyzhov)]]. The overarching theme is the witness of Orthodoxy by the multitude of Russian saints throughout history. The iconostasis, based on that of the Dormition Cathedral in the [[w:Moscow Kremlin|Moscow Kremlin]], was designed and built by Bishop [[Daniel (Alexandrow) of Erie|Daniel of Erie]], who painted most of the icons on it as well.
The most significant event in the history of St. Vladimir’s Church was the celebration of the Millennium of the Baptism of Rus’ in 1988. St. Vladimir Memorial Church was the site of the official ROCOR celebration on July 30-31, 1988, in which the entire Sobor of Bishops participated, along with the heir of the House of Romanov, Grand Prince [[w:Grand Duke Vladimir KyrillovichKirillovich of Russia|Vladimir Kyrillovich]]. The Great Consecration of the Church was held one week prior on July 24, 1988, the feast of St. Olga.
The lower church, dedicated to St. Olga, was the first operational church space of St. Vladimir’s. While construction was underway on the main church, all the services were held in the lower church for almost 20 years. Once the main church was completed, the lower church was primarily used for English language services, following the spiritual will of Archbishop Vitaly, who encouraged missionary work in America. Archpriest Philip Petrovsky oversaw the English Mission for many years until his repose in 2011, having served the Memorial Church for 37 years.

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