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Michael of Kiev

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Our father among the [[saints]] '''Michael of Kiev''' ('''Mikhail I''') was the first [[Metropolitan]] of Kiev, from the year 988 to 991. He is commemorated by the Church on [[September 30]], and on [[June 15]] the day of his repose.
Saint Michael arrived at Korsun in the year 989 with other clergy, not long after [[Vladimir of Kiev|Prince Vladimir's]] [[Baptism|baptism]]. He Not much is known of his early life, but it is likely that he may have been Bulgarian, Serbian, or Syrian by birth.
Being the first metropolitan of the [[Church of Russia|Russian Church]], he traveled the newly-enlightened Russian lands, preaching the Holy Gospel, baptizing and teaching the newly-illumined people. He started credited with establishing the first churches and religious schools.
St Michael died in the year 992 and was buried in Kiev. In about the year 1103, his [[relics]] were transferred to the Antoniev Cave, and on [[October 1]], 1730 into the Great Church of the Caves.

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