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Alexander Men

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[[Image:FrAlexanderMen.jpg|thumb|Father Alexander Men (1935-1990)|238px]]
[[Image:FrAlexanderMen2.jpg|thumb|Father Alexander Men]]
Father '''Alexander Vladimirovich Men''' (1935-1990) was a [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox]] [[archpriest]], theologisiantheologian, preacher, and prolific author of books on theology, the history of Christianity and other religions.
Born a [[Judaism|Jew]], Alexander Men was [[baptism|baptized]] as an infant by his mother, who had become a member of the underground church in Russia under Soviet suppression.
Father Alexander Men was a voice "crying in the wilderness" during the time of the Soviet atheistic domination of Russian culture and also during the critical transition times of Russia into freedom in the late 1980s, when Mikhail Gorbachev declared the policies of ''perestroika'' and ''glasnost''.
Fr. Men's ministry, which lasted for more than thirty years, covered coincided with the worst possible very difficult times for the Russian believerbelievers, including himself becoming and he personally became a target for the KGB. His influence on contemporary Russia is unmistakableunquestionable, and his life remains to this day a powerful example of witness for our Lord and Savior [[Jesus Christ]].
During his lifetime, Fr. Men baptized thousands of people, bringing them to Christian faith by the grace of God. His works include many books, an Orthodox Open University, a charity group at the Russian Children's Hospital, and a Youth Missionary School.
Father Alexander Men was murdered with an ax on [[September 9]], 1990 with an ax in a forest on as he made his way to church. His funeral was held on the day commemorating the Beheading of St. [[John the Baptist]], who was "the voice crying in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord."
== Criticism ==
Priest [[Daniil Sysoev]] considered Alexander Men as a [[heretic]], listing the 9 major beliefs, which are incompatible with Orthodoxy:
# [[Manichaeism]]. - The doctrine of Satan's complicity in the creation of the world, the result of which was allegedly an evolution.

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