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Nikon (Vorobiov)

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'''Hegumen Nikon''' (secular name '''Nikolay Nikolayevich Vorobyov''', {{lang-ru|Николай Николаевич Воробьёв}}; May 4, 1894, village Mikishino, Bezhetsk county, [[w:Tver Province|Tver Province]] - September 7, 1963, [[w:Gagarin, Russia|Gzhatsk]], [[:w:Smolensk oblast|Smolensk oblast]]) was a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church (since 1956 in the rank of hegumen) and spiritual writer.
He is known for his numerous letters to his spiritual children, the majority of which are published in the book "Нам оставлено покаяние"(We were left behind the penance).
== Biography ==

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