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Nikon (Vorobiov)

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== Biography ==
Born in peasant family, had six brothers. Ever since childhood, he excelled in seriousness, impeccable honesty, remarkable warmth, concern for everyone, and an unquenchable thirst for ultimate truth, a thirst to comprehend the purpose of human existence. In 1914, he graduated from school in [[w:Vyshny Volochok|Vyshny Volochok]] and enrolled in the [[w:Bekhterev Research Institute|Neurological Institute]] in St. Petersburg. During his studies at the Institute read a lot, to educate ourselves, trying to find answers to the eternal questions. After the first year decided not to continue their education.
In the summer of 1915 Nicholay has experienced a profound spiritual crisis and found faith in God. In 1917, he entered the [[Moscow Theological Academy]], but the lessons there were soon discontinued because of the outbreak of the revolution. In the next few years he taught math in Volochok high school. Then he moved to Moscow and served as a reader in the Church of Sts Boris and Gleb.
== Sayings ==
== Links ==
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