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Simeon (Jakovljević) of Brno and Olomouc

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His Eminence, Archbishop '''Simeon (Jakovljević)''', (Czech: Arcibiskup Simeon, in the world, Radivoj Jakovljević; born Feb 12, 1926, Prague)), is a [[bishop]] of the Orthodox [[Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia]]. On [[April 9]], 2000, he was appointed the bishop of Brno and Olomouc. On [[February 12]], 2006, his 80th birthday, he was raised to the honor of archbishop. On [[April 12]], 2013, after the resignation of Metropolitan [[Christopher (Pulec) of Prague|Christopher]] he was chosen to serve as [[locum tenens]] of the metropolitan [[see]], until the election of a new [[primate]] can be held.

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