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List of Patriarchs

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The following is a list of the names and titles of the current presiding [[patriarch]]s, [[metropolitan]]s, and [[archbishop]]s ([[primate]]s) of the [[autocephaly|autocephalous]] and [[autonomy|autonomous]] Orthodox churches, not all of whose statuses are universally recognized:
==Autocephalous Churches==
*His Beatitude [[Anastasios (Yannoulatos) of Albania|Anastasios]], Archbishop of Tirana and [[Church of Albania|All Albania]]
*His Beatitude [[Sawa (Hrycuniak) of Poland|Sawa]], Metropolitan of Warsaw and [[Church of Poland|All Poland]]
*His Beatitude [[Christopher (Pulets) of Prague|Christopher]], Archbishop of Prague, Metropolitan of the [[Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia|Czech Lands and Slovakia]]- currently vacant, Archbishop Simeon (Jakovljević) locum tenens.
*His Beatitude [[Tikhon (Mollard) of Washington|Tikhon]], Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of [[Orthodox Church in America|All America and Canada]]

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