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Christopher (Pulec) of Prague

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[[Image:Christopher of Prague.jpg|right|thumb|165px|Archbishop Christopher (Pulets) of Prague and the Czech Lands]]His Beatitude Metropolitan '''Christopher (Pulets) of Prague and the Czech Lands and Slovakia''' is was the [[primate]] of the [[Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia]]. He has participated in numerous theological conferences and has represented the Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia in many venues. Fluent in his native language and also Russian, Greek, German and English, he is well known for his academic pursuits in theology and philosophy, having a doctorate in both.
==Biographical timeline==
*2006 [[May 2]]: After repose of Metr. Nikolaj, Abp. Christopher was chosen (by lot of two names) to be Metropolitan of the Czech Lands and Slovakia.
*2006 [[May 28]]: Enthronement of Metr. Christopher.
*2013 [[April 12]]: Resigned, in the face of multiple accusations of breaching his monastic vows, denying the accusations, but seeking to preserve the unity of the Church.
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