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Metropolis of Serres and Nigrita

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The Holy '''Metropolis of Serres and Nigrita''' is one of the metropolises of the New Lands in Greece that is within the [[jurisdiction]] of the [[Church of Constantinople]] but de facto is administered for practical reasons as part of the [[Church of Greece]] under an agreement between the churches of Athens and Constantinople. The [[Diocese|metropolis]] is located in northern Greece in the eastern part of Greek Central Macedonia.
*2003-Present: [[Theologos (Apostolidis) of Serres|Theologos (Apostolidis)]] 2003 - Present*1984-2003: [[Maximos (Xydas) of Serres|Maximos (Xydas)]] * 1965-1984 : Constantinos II (Kardamenis)* 1924-1961: Constantinos I (Meggrelis) * 1918- 20031924: [[Christoforos (Knitis) of Australia and New Zealand|Christoforos (Knitis)]]* 1909-1917: Apostolos (Christodoulou)* 1909-1909: Athanasios (Piperas)*1892-1909: Gregorios (Zervoudakis) - (later Ecumenical Patriarch [[Gregory VI VII of Constantinople]], 1923-1924) * 1891-1892: Nathaniel of Proussa and Constantios of Kassandreia (''Commissioners'')* 1888-1892: Constantinos (Vafeidis)* 1886-1888: Loukas (FourtouniadisPetridis) * 1879-1886: Nathaniel* 1877-1879: Gregorios V* 1875-1877: [[w:Philotheos Bryennios|Philotheos Bryennios]]* 1867-1875: Neophytos* 1861-1867: Meletios* 1860-1861: Nikodemos* 1846-1860: Iakovos II - (originally of Kassandreia, and later [[List of ConstantinoplePatriarchs of Alexandria|Patriarch of Alexandria]] 1861-1865)* 1838-1846: Athanasios* 1836-1838: Neophytos of Drama (''Commissioner'')* 1834-1836: Iakovos of Kassandreia (''Commissioner'')* 1833-1835: Gregorios II - (later Ecumenical Patriarch [[Gregory VI (Fourtouniadis)of Constantinople]] )* 1829-1833 : Anthimos III - (later Ecumenical Patriarch [[Anthimus VI of Constantinople|Anthimos VI of Constantinople]], 1845-1848, 1853-1855, 1871-1873)* 1824-1829: Porphyrios* 1811-1824: Chrysanthos - 1835(later Ecumenical patriarch [[httpChrysanthus of Constantinople]], 1824-1826)* 1791-1811: Constantios* 1779-1791://lefobserverMatthew II* 1778-1779: Anthimos II * 1768 (July): Meletios* 1745-1769: Ioannikios III* 1735-1745: Gabriel* 1728-1735: Parthenios* 1706-1728: Stephanos* 16th-17th Nathaniel* 1690: Gregorios* 1678-1705/20116: Anthimos I* 1676-1677: Nektarios* 1650-1676: Kyrillos* 1639-1650: Kyrillos* 1638-1639: Galaction* 1628-1638: Daniel* 1625-1628: Achillios* 1616-1625: Timotheos* 1613/02/patriarch4-1617: Damaskinos* 1606-1613: Theophanes (Floras)* 1605-1606: Ioasaph* 1602-1605: Theophanes (Floras)* 1600-gregory1602: Ioasaph* Pre-vi1600: Arsenios II* 1593: Theodoulos (or Theophilos)* 1590: Ananias* 1588: Dionysios* 1574-1575: Neophytos I* 1573: Daniel* 1572: Procopios* 1541-of1564: Arsenios I* 1512-constantinople.html]1540: Gennadios
*Monastery of St. John the Baptist (Timios Prodromos) at Serres For Women*Monastery of the Virgin at Vyssianis For Women*Monastery of the Prophet Elias For Women*Monastery of the Elevation of the Cross For Women
* {{el icon}} [ ΙΕΡΑ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΙΣ ΣΕΡΡΩΝ ΚΑΙ ΝΙΓΡΙΤΗΣ]. Retrieved: 2013-04-08.*[ Metropolis of Serres and Nigrita] In Greek*[ Orthodoxia 2003]
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[[Category: Greek Dioceses|Serres]]

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