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Nicholas (Iuhoş)

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Biographical sketch
:At some point, he was elevated to Archimandrite.
*2005: Established [[Holy_Cross_Monastery_(Niagara_Falls,_New_York)|Holy Cross Monastery]] in Niagara Falls, New York, under the Orthodox Church in America.
*2009: Lft Left the Church and joined the schismatic Holy Orthodox Church in North America.
*2010 [[February 22]]: Left HOCNA and joined the "True Russian Orthodox Church", under Metropolitan Damascene of Moscow.
*2010 [[June 12]]: Archimandrite Nicholas was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] as Bishop of Cincinnati by Metropolitan Damascene of Moscow, Archbishop John of Zaporizhzya and Little Rus', and Bishop Andrian of Chisinau and Moldova as head of the North American Vicariate of the "True Russian Orthodox Church."

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