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Programmer engineer doing a PhD in Computer science and Student at Theology.
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The wisest man in the World was Solomon and he didn't study at Harvard or Yale or Oxford, not that this studying is bad. He prayed to God for wisdom. In my understanding praying for wisdom should not hurt anybody so it is probably a great idea to be done.
:*goal of religions, best religion and denomination in the eyes of God , classification of religions
<b>Orthodoxy 101</b>
Wise man:Think that you need to play football with World dream team and you have to win.
Man:And who is in my team?
Wise man:Whomever you want including your neighbors.
Man:Well, maybe I will lose.
Wise Man:What about if you would need to play against a team that is 1 billion times more powerful than the World Dream Team? A team of angels. What if when you lose, you can lose the quality of your life.
Man:How can I win against angels? What kind of contest is this?Is it real?
Wise Man:Well , you may be right now in such a contest for your salvation. Against you may be the sick angels.
Man:Well, if I lose the quality of after life can degrade quickly.
Wise man:Well, what if not all the rules of the contest are known or understood right?
Man:Hard contest is this, how can one win?
Wise man:The solution is to ask God with infinite power to be on your side. You can do this through prayer: Dear God, please force me and as many people as possible to salvation. Give to me and to as many people as possible the knowing of all religions and denominations the way you know them and please send me and as many people as possible to the best religion and denomination in your eyes. Please give to me and to as many people as possible what you know we need for all eternities. Amen.
<b>Eternal life</b>
Man:My child is a good learner.
The wise man put 0 on a paper, 0.
Man:My child is smart.
The wise man put another 0 on a paper 00.
Man:My child is a good child and lsitens to me.
The wise man put another 0 on the paper, 000.
And this continued for a while with many zero's on the paper.
Man:My child is Eastern orthodox Christian.
Then the wise man put a 1 in front of all zeros saying: Without life, all the characteristics you have told about are zeros including being smart and listening. What is the use of being smart and without life? As an Eastern Orthodox Christian, having eternal life through Holy Communion, all the other characteristics become important.
Wise man: You see , doctor can give you maybe 120 years to live. Going to Eastern orthodox Church you can get imkmortality or eternal life John 6:53-54. So, by not going to Church, one may miss something important, the one in front of zeros.

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